STAR Participants

Route Server #1 210323 none 2602:FCF6:F::1 Required for all participants
WhiteHat 51999 none 2602:FCF6:F::18AB:1 ISP
Catalin Corozanu 212577 none 2602:FCF6:F::2B3F:1 Web Services
EVOLIUS IT SRL 212623 none 2602:FCF6:F::64F0:1 Web Services
MILEGROUP Ltd. 212528 none 2602:FCF6:F::8D2F:1

IPv6 Network Information:
Network: 2602:FCF6:F::/48

For information on joining STAR IX, send an email to

STAR IX Connection Policies:
Participants are encouraged to use the route server(s) to openly peer with all participants - which is core of joining an exchange. Participants may still choose to peer bilaterally with important peers. The value of the exchange is greatly enhanced with open peering. STAR IX should not be used for a participant's internal traffic. Anyone is welcome to join the STAR IX and participate in peering. There is no minimum prefix size on the exchange, although individual peers may have a minimum prefix length at their discretion. STAR IX does not have a membership fee. The exchange is supported by sponsors and donations.

Peering is bilateral with the exception of route servers. There is no MLPA.
No exchange participant may harm the exchange or other participants.
BGP4 is used for peering and peers must set NEXT_HOP_SELF if advertising routes from other STAR participants.
Participants may not point default or statically route.
Participants may not use another participant's resources without permission. Broadcast traffic may not be delivered to the exchange except as needed for normal operation and troubleshooting.
Participants may not sniff traffic between other participants.
Participants may only utilize a single layer-2 MAC address to place a single layer-3 router per port allocated from the STAR IX switch fabric unless by prior agreement.
Participants must make valid contact information and relevant documentation available at all times.
Participants are encouraged to create a PeeringDB entry for their AS if they don't already have one, however it is not mandatory for peering.

STAR IX is managed and maintained by WhiteHat